There are methods to Super Bowl madness

By: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

— A local news broadcast reported that Madden NFL 13, a video game with unbelievable graphics, did a simulation of Sunday’s Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers.

That led to an Internet search that showed several crazy methods being used by people, mostly TV folks, to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl.

Las Vegas bookmakers probably aren’t too worried about the accuracy of such methods or their TV ratings.

Among the methods being used to pick a winner are an orangutan, a monkey, a camel, Dr. Dre, computer simulations and various media members.

One of the more odd methods came from YouTube celebrity chef John Mitzewich,who ate a bunch of wings, dropped the bones on a plate and then analyzed what letters were made.

He picked the 49ers, as did the majority of the others, including the uncanny guys in Vegas.

It was interesting to learn that the one guy who spoke to the 49ers about this being a business trip to New Orleans is the one guy who has the most colorful past - receiverRandy Moss.

If not for Jim and John Harbaugh, the first brothers to face off as opposing head coaches in a Super Bowl, and the impending retirement of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, Moss might be one of the major headlines at this Super Bowl.

He was retired a season ago after being cut by the Minnesota Vikings, then got himself in great shape and was signed by the 49ers to a one-year, $2.5 million contract.

Although he is mostly a decoy, he made it clear Tuesday that he wants to play one more year, and then the guy who was trying to be the voice of reason declared himself as the best receiver in the history of the NFL.

Guess he has never heard of Jerry Rice, who won three Super Bowls with the 49ers.

Rice caught 1,549 passes (Moss 982) and 197 touchdowns (Moss 156), and his catches totaled 22,895 yards (Moss 15,292 yards) or just more than 13 miles of NFL glory.

Rice also has a better-thanaverage image. Moss does not.

Going back to his high school days, Moss couldn’t get into Notre Dame after being involved in a brawl and receiving a 30-day sentence. Notre Dame officials encouraged him to go to Florida State and play for Bobby Bowden, who had a reputation for helping troubled players.

Moss went to FSU and sat out a season, but while serving his 30 days he tested positive for marijuana and was dismissed from the team.

He transferred to Marshall, where he had a great career and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. He had a great career there (not the best career), but he also had several brushes with the law, left a game before it ended, pretended to moon Green Bay Packers fans, talked on national television about smoking marijuana and faced allegations of dating violence.

He is not a role model, and he’s never claimed to be, but for him to try and be the voice of reason and then do everything he can to attract attention could mean he has again become a distraction on a talented team.

This from an astute sportsfan who e-mailed the information.

It has been reported that Houston Nutt has been bought out by Ole Miss for $4,350,000, saving the school $550,000 if it paid it out over the course of his contract.

If Nutt were coaching, the $4,350,000 would make him the fourth-highest-paid coach in America. Instead, he is a wealthy man who can pursue other jobs on the field, and he will get one.

It may not be in the SEC, but millionaires can decide when and where they want to work.

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