Know the newcomers: Jared Cornelius

By: Richard Davenport
Published: Monday, August 18, 2014
Receiver Jared Cornelius was greeted to the SEC by linebacker Martrell Spaight.
Receiver Jared Cornelius was greeted to the SEC by linebacker Martrell Spaight.

Receiver: Jared Cornelius

Height: 6-0 1/2

Weight: 195

Hometown/school: Shreveport Evangel

Welcome to the SEC moment: Spaight, Martrell Spaight. That was my welcome to the SEC moment. The first pass I caught across the middle I can remember. It was a dig route and Spaight gladly welcomed me to the SEC. It was during spring practice.

Favorite coach Bielema saying: That’s a hard one. Maybe we earn everything. Part of our five phases of how we’re going to win games. The last phase is we earn everything.

Favorite meal: The fajitas have really been good upstairs lately. Steak and cheese and just a little bit of sour cream

Funniest teammate: Probably Frank Ragnow. Man, he’s hilarious We’ve gotten so close since the time he’s been here. He’s hilarious.

Must watch TV show: CSI

Dream date: Kim Kardashian for sure

Teammate that will have a breakout season: I feel like Drew Morgan is going to step up and do big this year

Strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert is: intimidating. When he looks at you think you’re doing something wrong, so I try and stay away from him.

Thing you miss the most about being away from home: My family. Of course, I would miss my grandma’s and mom’s cooking. Man, just being around my family. My grandma made the best banana pudding ever and my mom made the greatest smothered pork chops ever.


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