Know the newcomers: OL Brian Wallace Jr.

By: Richard Davenport
Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Offensive tackle Brian Wallace Jr. misses his mother's cooking.
Offensive tackle Brian Wallace Jr. misses his mother's cooking.

Offensive tackle: Brian Wallace Jr.

Hometown/school: St. Louis Christian Brothers College High School

Height: 6-6

Weight: 320

Welcome to the SEC moment: It actually blew my mind like going from high school and going to college everything is much faster. I’m on my own and I have to think for myself, act right for myself. I have to be more responsible. I have to take ownership.

Favorite Coach Bielema saying: Never Yield, I guess. I see that everywhere I go.

Favorite meal: I don’t know, that’s a hard one for me because I’m 320 pounds and I like to eat. But I would say, I’ve been to the Catfish Hole, so I would say crab legs.

Funniest teammate: We have a lot of them actually. That's kind of hard. I’ll name one from the freshman class. I’ll say Randy Ramsey because you really wouldn't expect him to be funny, but it’s like when you look at him you think he’s all dull and what not. He doesn’t speak and he has a straight face, but you when get to talking to him and actually get to know him he’s probably one of the funniest people you could meet.

Must watch TV show: I would say Sponge Bob. I’m somewhat of a kid.

Dream date: I already got that. That’s my girlfriend Lexis Kelley.

Teammate that’s going to have a breakout season: There’s a lot of people who I think will have a breakout season this year. Some of them are going to be from the freshman class. Hopefully one of them is me. I would say one of the transfers Josh Williams.

Strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert is: He’s incredible. Everything he knows he’s taught us. He’s got me right . I came out of high school at 305 and I’m 320 now, so that ought to explain most of it.

Thing you miss the most about being away from home: Other than my mom’s cooking just being in St. Louis in general. That’s my hometown so I have love for them.

What of your mothers’s cooking do you miss: Everything. Macaroni and cheese.


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