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Know the newcomers: QB Rafe Peavey

By: Richard Davenport
Published: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Quarterback Rafe Peavey likes chocolate chips on his waffles.
Quarterback Rafe Peavey likes chocolate chips on his waffles.

Quarterback: Rafe Peavey

Hometown: Bolivar, Missouri

Height: 6-2

Weight: 206

Welcome to the SEC moment: I think it was actually my first day at practice. I was throwing a cover-two hole shot to my outside receiver and the guy hitched up once and it got picked. I was like in high school that was a completion. Like here one hitch, it’s a pick and if it’s not a hitch, it’s a completion. So like here the windows are a lot smaller. That was a pretty rude awakening.

Favorite Coach B saying: There’s a lot. I like the 1 and 0 mentality that he has just going in the season. Like just focusing on Auburn and then the next day and then the week after that just focusing on Nicholls State. Just taking it one game at a time and not looking at it as a whole

Favorite meal: I like Waffle House a lot. I go there probably three times a week. Me and Jared (Cornelius) know all those employees by name and they know us too. I normally get the All Star special. Just a couple of waffles with a couple of chocolate chips on them.

Must watch TV show: I like Duck Dynasty a lot. That’s a good one.

Teammate that’s going to have a breakout season: Jared Cornelius without a doubt. That guy…he’s special. He has special hands and feet

Dream date: I’m going to have to say my girlfriend Sydney Deeken.

Strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert is: He’s intense. Definitely.

Thing you miss the most about being away from home: Just being around my friends and family. Probably the biggest thing for me


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