Razorbacks celebrate season at team banquet

By: Jimmy Carter
Published: Monday, April 10, 2017
Arkansas center Moses Kingsley reacts during the Razorbacks' 77-71 NCAA Tournament win over Seton Hall on Friday, March 17, 2017, in Greenville, S.C.
Photo by J.T. Wampler
Arkansas center Moses Kingsley reacts during the Razorbacks' 77-71 NCAA Tournament win over Seton Hall on Friday, March 17, 2017, in Greenville, S.C.

— Arkansas held its annual postseason basketball banquet Monday night in Bud Walton Arena.

Mike Anderson said the Razorbacks were on the verge of winning a national championship. There was a funny blooper reel with some behind-the-scenes footage of the players and staff, a video documenting the team's work in the community and a season highlight video. Everyone had Matt Zimmerman stories. A bunch of awards were handed out.

Academic Excellence Award — Moses Kingsley

Kingsley: "Three years in a row, baby."

Razorback Assist Award — Daryl Macon

Macon: "Preciate it."

Free throw award — Dusty Hannahs

Hannahs: "Yeah, I just have done this a while now. I saw a lot of bad free throw shooters, so I just tried to get them in the gym and help them as best I could. ... I also want to thank Daryl for taking all the late-game free throws so I couldn't take any."

Razorback Performance Award (weight room) — Hannahs, Kingsley, Manny Watkins

Hannahs: "Me and Manny got this award because we had to eat rabbit food the whole summer. Manny lost 15 pounds and I lost 10. It was a good working experience, but I like to eat so I probably won't do it again."

Kingsley: "I wasn't losing weight. I was gaining weight actually."

Watkins: I personally didn't think the award should have gone to 3 people. I worked my tail off. If any of you have seen me in person, you can tell I take my body very seriously. If any of you haven't been up close to see me, I'd probably take that opportunity before I'm gone."

Razorback Service Award — Moses Kingsley

Kingsley: "Actually this award is for every one of my teammates. ... We play for the kids and the community, the Razorback community and the state."

Mr. Versatility Award — Jaylen Barford

Barford: "I'm very honored. I would thank these guys in practice for blowing by them every time going to the hole. I want to thank these 3 seniors, I guess. I'll miss you guys, but we'll be back next year."

Razorback Iron Man Award — Manny Watkins

Watkins: "I just want to thank the coaching staff, my teammates. It's been a a great ride here, four years. I've had a great time and I'm going to miss it. But it's not hard to be one of the toughest guys on this team. Thank you for the award."

Razorback Hog Award (hustle) — Anton Beard

Beard: "How ya'll doing? Playing with a couple of you guards, you've got to be prepared for pretty much everything late in those games. ... Guys blow by you, I be down there fast."

Chairman of the boards — Moses Kingsley

Kingsley: "JB and Manny took most of my rebounds, by the way. I would have averaged 10 rebounds if JB and Manny hadn't taken my rebounds."

Razorback Coaches Award for hustle and heart — Jaylen Barford

Barford: "Since he's speaking on blocks, I'ma let ya'll know that in practice I blocked everybody here, even Moses Kingsley. Even Moses Kingsley."

Most Improved Player — Trey Thompson, Manny Watkins

Watkins: "I'll say a couple more funny things and then get serious. I started shooting 3s, it really started the Texas A&M game because the guys that were supposed to be shooting 3s weren't hitting them. And I said I'm a senior, I've got to. I looked up to God and said, 'God, I practice real hard God.' ... Arkansas is going to win a national championship and I will sign on that. I won't be a part of it but it will happen. I had the best 3-point percentage on the team. All you guys who doubted me, I know you're in here, I had the best 3-point percentage on the team. What?"

Thompson: "Manny was arguing about who was going to talk first. If I knew he was going to talk this long, I would've gone first. Thanks for the award."

Offensive Player of the Year — Dusty Hannahs and Daryl Macon

Hannahs: "I'm real disappointed that I didn't get the Defensive Player of the Year award. I think this is the last time I'm going to be up here because I think I'm going to get hosed out of the MVP award, but I want to say thank you guys for everything."

Macon: "I really disagree with splitting this award with Dusty. I guess I've got to share it. I just want to say thank you to my teammates for allowing this position and my coaches allowing me to do this, this year."

Defensive Player of the Year — Moses Kingsley

Kingsley: "I think Coach A is the SEC Coach of the Year. He had 7 new guys and to do what he did this year with 7 new guys, we were ranked to finish 5th and we picked to finish 3rd. He didn't get it and I think he was snubbed. He's a father figure for us. He and coach Watkins. I haven't seen my family in years and they were here for me. They pushed me and we all need pushing."

Arby's Turnover Award — Daryl Macon, Moses Kingsley,

Macon: "I wouldn't have so many turnovers if these guys would catch the ball. Preciate it."

Kingsley: "I won it last year, too. Consistency. My teammates, when I get double-teamed, they wouldn't help a lot. All the awards this year, I will take 5 to 1, that's a good winning percentage."

Barford: "I'm going to be honest, some of these guys on this team can not catch the ball. They'll fake you out. I don't know what they're thinking. Especially Moses Kingsley. Dusty coming off those screens is terrible. But we going to work on that. We going to fix it."


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