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By: WholeHogSports
Published: Saturday, October 21, 2017

Here are some selected comments posted to the message boards this week at

On Cole Kelley’s first start as Arkansas’ quarterback …

Hogbacker: Kelley in time will be a very good if not great QB for the Razorbacks. The pressure by Alabama kept Kelley from getting his feet set and not allowing him to step into his throws, which affected his accuracy. Against lesser D-lines and continued O-line improvement on our part he should be able to make more and better passes. He played well in his first start against one of the best defenses he will see until next season.

SoArkHog: All I know is that every time I watch ’Bama’s D play — and not just against Arkansas — it seems like they have 15 defenders on the field. They are everywhere!

Hogdr: Cole Kelley has got to be sore … He took a beating. … We gotta protect him better because he gives us a chance the rest of the year.

Sachawg: Tough kid for sure. Future looks good with him and the young receivers.

Jimbeau77: Now he knows what Austin Allen feels like after every game.

The Notorious PIG: Dude is crafty and knocked a ’Bama 5-Star out.

HogQ: I think it would hurt to get hit by him.

eaglehog5: He moves like an 80-year-old oak tree. Which still hurts like heck when you run into it or it falls on you.

CajunHog: I live in Lafayette, La., so I went to watch him a handful of times when he was in high school once I learned he was committed to being a Hog. He isn’t lightning quick, but is deceiving with what speed he does have.

Richard Davenport: People outside of Arkansas never believed Matt Jones was a 4.4 guy until it was obvious when no one ever caught him from behind in college and he ran the 4.39 at the combine. Taller guys with the long strides just don’t look very fast.

eaglehog5: He’s no Matt Jones, but he’s no Ryan Mallett either. He’s an effective runner not because he’s fast but because he’s fast for a giant.

On what might happen the rest of the season …

bush hog: I just have this feeling we are going to win. Just seems like it’s our turn for something good to happen.

JJhog18: I will take some of that Kool-Aid, so pour it up!

Army Hog: Please hang on to that rabbit’s foot! I hope your feeling is correct. It would be great to beat Auburn. I will be happy to see the Hogs play with some fight and compete. Winning would be a bonus.

Hogbacker: It seems (Auburn coach) Gus (Malzahn) is starting to catch some flak after last Saturday’s loss so we can expect more trick plays that what’s usual. I like our chances with the improvements we saw last week and being at home should help some, I hope.

Superhawgfan: I have the same feeling. I won’t call for a win, but I think we give them all they want. If LSU can score on them, I think we can too.

Baumbastic Hawg: I’m trying to drink the Kool-Aid.

Bayouhog: A win would do wonders for all of us (team and fans), but it appears we are facing a team that talent-wise is very close to Alabama.

Hog-N-Das: Look at our losses. Even South Carolina is faring well. We have lost to some very good teams. Yes, we can beat All-Barn.

hawgindaslough: I think the Hogs can win. Been here before, seen it happen. It’s a very familiar script. Start 2-4, catch fire, pull big October upset, go 7-5, get to a bowl and win, finish 8-5, optimism galore in the offseason. But then it’s like a shampoo bottle instruction: repeat and do it again next year. Happy to see this movie again this season, but tired of it, too. Hope it’s different next season, for the better.

LDHog: I’ve had a hard time finding the Kool-Aid to drink lately since my rose-colored glasses have been fogged over. A win would be awesome …

Neastarkie: My heart agrees with you. My head says, “no way.” Actually, I think we are a better team that our record indicates, despite how badly we played against South Carolina. Still, Auburn is better than us. Perhaps not as much better as I’d have said before last weekend, but still better. We can win, but a lot has to fall our way.

adgebg: A plus-two in turnovers and we stand a good chance of winning.

Hawgcotton: I have good news and bad news. The good news is we have a better chance of winning this week than last week in ESPN Analytics. Auburn is 85 percent forecast to win compared to 98 percent for ’Bama. Bad news is Hawgs are only favored to win against Coastal Carolina (96 percent) and Mizzou (73 percent) the rest of the year … Anything can happen on a given weekend but it needs to happen now as time is running short. Hawgs will have to win two games that they are not favored in to get to six wins.

Score predictions for Saturday’s game against Auburn …

Cleverly7: Auburn 44, Arkansas 21.

troutgangster: Auburn 42, Arkansas 7.

JacksonReid: Auburn is banged up on the offensive line and on defense. Auburn 27, Arkansas 17.

Razorwill: Love seeing Cole Kelley play. Season is shot so we are getting a possible look at the future quarterback. That being said, still a stout defense we will face. They will look at ’Bama film and blitz and try to pressure/confuse him. Running game will be better vs. Auburn but still not good enough. Malzahn fighting for coaching life and pressure is on him to win big. That being said: Auburn 41, Arkansas 24.

Jhawg: Gus will whip us again. Auburn 31, Arkansas 17.

Hog-N-Das: All-Barn 38, Hogs 24.

Superhawgfan: I think it’ll be much closer that the experts expect. I’d take the Hogs plus 15.5 points.

lilhawg: Love my Hogs, but they haven’t shown they can stay with good teams. Auburn 34-21.

WizardofhOgZ: Auburn 37, Hogs 17.

LDHog: Arkansas Razorbacks 28, Gus bus 24. Why not?

eaglehog5: Auburn 31, Arkansas 7.

JJhog18: Auburn 35, Arkansas 7.

MckinneyHog: I think the Hogs will hang for a bit, but Aubbie too tough, 35-17 (Yep, I think we will get our third field goal of the year!).


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