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Published: Saturday, October 20, 2018

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If Ty Storey can’t play today against Tulsa

Hogmodo: I’m guessing Cole Kelley gets the first quarter to see if he can stay turnover-free and move the ball. More than one three-and-out drive and Connor Noland gets the chance to prove he is ready for prime time play. Hopefully Cole leads the team to several scores in the first half and Noland plays with a big lead. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Georgia Hawg: That sounds like a reasonable strategy. Don’t think we have a big lead against Tulsa. Actually, I think it will be close in the fourth quarter.

nlr buzzard: I could see either guy starting, but I am kind of hoping Chad Morris lets Noland have most of the work. I actually would like to see John Stephen Jones come in if Noland falters or if we get a big lead. I’m OK with Cole starting, but we do need to get those two freshmen a lot of snaps in the the three games each can play the rest of the year. The staff needs to know soon whether they need to bring in another QB …

Jimbeau77: I think Noland gets his shot early against Tulsa one way or another.

HeKnowsMyName: I think Noland starts and Kelley will be used in short yardage. Don’t think we’ll see Storey Saturday.

HogQ: Bring on the youth movement.

youdaman: Connor needs to start and see what he can do. They can have him complete some short passes and get his confidence and then ease into more difficult routes. He was a four-star for a reason. No sense in not seeing what he do.

swinebeforepearls: If Ty can’t go, then I am ready to try some rollin’ with Noland. Let’s see what the kid can do.

Gonavy: I know this goes without saying and I know they will do it right, but I hope they are cautious with Ty Storey. He was woozy after that hit that knocked him out of the game and in fact went back to the turf after walking a few feet.

youdaman: He took some serious hits for sure and he landed very hard on the turf. So I just hope he will be OK. I love his attitude but sometimes better to be safe to live to play another play. He’s starting to play well and we will need him or somebody to provide a passing game spark.

Dudley Dawson: He will not play unless he gets medical clearance. I will be surprised if he does play.

More discussion on playing home games in Little Rock

HogQ: Done with Little Rock. It is a competitive disadvantage.

Jrjdent: It’s not beneficial to the team/program to play in Little Rock. The players hate playing there. I know that for a fact. It’s a lost recruiting weekend. It’s embarrassing looking on TV. Only thing that the program benefits from the Little Rock game is pleasing the Little Rock boosters. It’s a negative in every other aspect.

Hogbacker: Playing in LR will be used against us on the recruiting trail with every recruit except the ones who are from LR.

Injuries seem to come at the worst possible time

Playamade76: If Rakeem Boyd and Devwah Whaley finish (last week’s game against Ole Miss, a 37-33 loss) we win that ballgame. The defense raved all summer about getting the opportunity to play in an aggressive scheme and didn’t make a play when it counts.

Randy Reece: Still playing starters too many reps. They can’t handle it.

Dudley Dawson: John Chavis noted he played the starting linebackers too many snaps last week. It was something he was clear about in preseason — he didn’t want starters to play more than 60 snaps. But he seems to have fallen in with each of the last few DCs in doing just that.

Fans discuss future prospects after another close loss

JohnDHogefeller: I’m surprised so many are this down after Ole Miss. I hate losing to those guys. Literally, I cannot stand Ole Miss. But the reaction on the board implies we were favorites. We were 6.5-point underdogs. …Let’s do our best to keep the disappointment in perspective.

Jhawg: I think the main reasons people are so upset are ( Ole Miss) and Vanderbilt are probably our only legitimate chances of winning a conference game. We led the whole game and blew another one. Losing to Ole Miss means we are the worst team in the SEC West.

Colorado Hog: Not really that down. I said going into the game that in the long run, it really didn’t matter, but thought we had a chance. … I wanted to win for the players who have given so much and got so little out of it (and to beat Ole Miss, which is always great). Hey Ole Miss, there’s another Henry tight end coming for you!

BluegrassRazorback: For me it’s an accumulation of so many losses after having the lead. Most being losses in the fourth quarter. That takes a toll. But yes, Arkansas is improving.

The Notorious PIG: It’s because a lot of people thought we were trending up and would outplay them and beat them in front of a highly partisan crowd. And all that happened is that we blew it.

Predictions for today’s game against Tulsa

Razorwill: Who will play quarterback? Who can play at running back? Can the defense tackle or cover anyone? How demoralzed are we? Tulsa lost two games it should have won. Sound familiar? They’ve gotten a boost from a quarterback change. We should beat them easily but we don’t do anything easily. My heart says Arkansas 31, Tulsa 30. It won’t be easy.

white25: Arkansas 29, Tulsa 22. The streak ends! Let’s hope another begins.

DBhog: Hogs 38, Tulsa 28. Hope Boyd can play a significant amount because I think he can gain 150 yards. Just hope that Kelley does not throw many interceptions. If we can get a lead like we did against Ole Miss, I don’t think Tulsa has the horses to come back.

swinebeforepearls: The long drought finally comes to an end. Hogs take this one, 41-22.

Jimbeau77: 52-16 Hogs. We finally dominate first through fourth quarters. Three Hog quarterbacks play and all three lead TD drives.

Bayouhog: Arkansas 49, TU 21.

Jrjdent: I think we win this game the way we should, somewhat of a statement game — statement that things are improving a little. 48-19.

General Hog: 49-2 Hogs.

bikehog23: Hogs 38-20.

Georgia Hawg: Hope we win big, but this Tulsa team played Texas, Houston and South Florida very close for most of those games. Need to figure out how to win in the fourth quarter and Ty needs to learn to go out of bounds or slide on his runs. This could be the real coming out party for Boyd. Time to start a mini-win streak. Hogs 31, Tulsa 24.


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