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By: WholeHogSports
Published: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Who were Razorback fans booing during Saturday’s 44-17 loss to North Texas?

eaglehog5: Were the boos really directed at Cole Kelly or were they directed at the coaches for leaving him in the game? I would never boo a player, especially one who was trying his best and taking a physical beating, as Cole was. However, highly paid coaches performing poorly is another matter. I suspect that is where most of those boos were being directed.

Matt Jones: Most of the boos came when he would come back on the field, so I think those were directed at the coaches for leaving him in. But there were also loud boos when he would throw the interceptions. Those probably were directed at him.

LDHog: Either way, they were wrong. Nothing good comes from booing your own team. Sure, fans have the right but that does not make it the right thing to do. A sad day all around.

gonavy: Agree … I personally won’t boo but if others do that it is their own business. I will say this: Coach Chad Morris has completely and totally embraced the state, the community, the university, the football tradition, etc. He has worked tirelessly recruiting, visiting coaches, outreach, networking, Razorback Club meetings and only three games into his tenure he already has been criticized for watching his son play football on Friday nights and is now being booed. Welcome to the SEC. I get that he makes a lot of money, but talk about a rude awakening.

Clay Henry: I think boos are common in college football. It’s because of the cost of admission. And, it’s because of the filter down effect of pro sports. Most consider college to be something akin to pro sports now that they are $100 million properties … I don’t think college athletes should be booed, but it’s been happening for many years and at Arkansas, too. Not going to change.

10scHog4Life: Probably directed in general at all responsible parties for the entire horrible mess.

sacketthawg: I think boos are a generational thing. Years ago the thought of booing our beloved Razorbacks was unheard of. I think another aspect is the instant gratification attitude that has developed in our culture.

JacksonReid: The boos were certainly directed at the coach and are a result of folks being fed up and worn out over years of losing and now coming to the hard realization this is not a quick fix. …We can argue about who’s responsible, but I think we can all agree it’s as bad as it’s ever been.

Mossy Lake Hog: The boo birds have been around a long time. The first time I remember was the 1970 game in Little Rock against Stanford. Hogs weren’t doing well and down a couple of TD’s or more. Broyles takes out Bill Montgomery for a few series and inserts Joe Ferguson, who takes the Hogs close to the end zone. At that point Montgomery goes back in and fans started booing. Maybe they were directed at Broyles, but also Montgomery. Point is, if Arkansas fans would boo Bill Montgomery, they would boo anyone at any time.

About that punt return trick play…

youdaman: We are on ESPN for that … never been so embarrassed in my life.

hawginbigd5: Nah, that’s poor officiating. Any upward movement of the hand is a fair catch. In the safety-first atmosphere of today, that is BS allowing that.

WizardofhOgZ: Let me say this first … North Texas beat the stuffing out of us, fair and square. That trick punt was not the difference in the game. Now that I’ve said that, I think that play was poor officiating, plain and simple. And kind of a Bush League call by the UNT coaching staff. This is an era of player safety — as it should be given the statistics and knowledge we have … And in that context, consider what would have happened if, instead of slowing down and stopping a foot from the punt returner, Morgan or Dalton had continued full-speed and lit him up. … They’d have been flagged for at least “unnecessary roughness” and may have been ejected from the game.

Hogmodo: If we had succeeded running it, we all would have been very proud. Get over it.

LDHog: Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to a well-called and executed play.

Razormac: That return guy waved both his hands to dupe our players. He did not raise his hands over his shoulder like the (fair catch) rule reads. He exploited a rule that was put in place for his safety ….

Razorback339: This rule is going to be changed pretty quick.

Fans react to Ty Storey being named starting quarterback against Auburn.

ARKANSAS870228: Ty got pulled out of a game (Colorado State) in which he wasn’t playing good but yet we were winning. I don’t think he was given as fair a chance as Cole Kelly was given last week (against North Texas). Ty will produce. Give him a chance.

Playamade76: (Morris) is trying everything he can. Storey gets his shot now. Neither of the freshmen are ready to play and that was evident Saturday.

BaumbasticHawg: In my opinion it would be a terrible idea to play either freshman in an SEC game. If they struggled against North Texas, just imagine what could happen vs. Auburn.

Score predictions for today’s game at Auburn

LoudLoyd: Auburn, a lot. Arkansas, not nearly enough.

GentryRzrbk: Auburn 67, Hogs 13.

dbhog: Auburn 70, Hogs 7.

SuiGeneris: 52-6, them.

Hog-N-Das: ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS 24, all-barn tigers, 23. WPS.

gashog: I’m going to disregard the bait of 10 percent reduced basics and say that we find a gear and make a showing. 69-24, Auburn.

GeneralHog: 28-27, Arkansas. Yeah, I said it. I’m still going to believe we can beat the next team up until proven wront.

youdaman: Auburn 38-13.

Elmo871e: We may hang in there until the second half. But then, hold on. Don’t know the score, but at least three touchdowns will be the margin.

Georgia Hawg: Auburn 48, Arkansas 24. Ty does some good things and gives us some hope for the future.

LDHog: Hogs 21, Tigers 18. My rose colored glasses are fogging over.

JacksonReid: Thought you said the Kool-Aid jug was dry!

LDHog: I’m old and forgetful.

Buckhog: Maybe Auburn will be bummed out about their close loss to the Corndogs. The Hogs need to create some turnovers. Get the fans to turn on Gus early in the game. It may not take much. Seriously, our boys need to come out playing hard or they will get hammered.

Razorwill: Depends on how much mercy Malzahn wants to show his friend Morris. Auburn can name the score. We get less than 100 yards rushing. Another two or three interceptions. … Malzahn 56, Morris 10.

JJhog18: 65-3. They are going to beat us like we stole something out of the kitchen.


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