What Bret Bielema, coordinators said about Florida

By: Jimmy Carter
Published: Monday, October 31, 2016
Arkansas coach Bret Bielema motions from the sideline during a game against Texas A&M on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, in Arlington, Texas.
( Jason Ivester)
Arkansas coach Bret Bielema motions from the sideline during a game against Texas A&M on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, in Arlington, Texas.

— Bret Bielema, Dan Enos and Robb Smith preview Arkansas' game against No. 10 Florida.

Bret Bielema

— Everyone was back out there yesterday. Some got limited reps late last week. Austin Allen didn't practice last week but was out there Sunday. Brian Wallace is the only one who's still somewhat limited. Jeremy Sprinkle feels good. Deatrich Wise will hopefully return to practice Tuesday.

— Florida has talented CBs and DBs. QB Luke Del Rio is a cool, calm player.

— Accomplished a lot in the bye week.

— No one in the country could work to get back as hard as Allen. Always responds "great" when asked how he's doing. Refuses to be negative.

— Colton Jackson would be a likely candidate to go at RT if Wallace can't, but there's other options.

— Jake Raulerson didn't practice last week in an effort to rest his ankle.

— Frank Ragnow went home Thursday to spend some time with his family.

— On Florida being No. 10 in the AP poll but No. 10 in the SEC in offense: There aren't any stats that make a lot of sense in today's football world.

— Eight games is a long stretch without a bye. Brought the team over Sunday, then let them have Monday off before bringing them back Tuesday and Wednesday. Scrimmaged the young, developmental guys to get them more work.

— On Randy Shannon being on Florida's staff: Hogs change signals every few games to prevent them from being taken. More beneficial to Shannon is probably his personnel knowledge.

— Jeremiah Ledbetter has been very, very good inside and been efficient. Maybe he and McTelvin Agim could be good together and get more reps.

— Against Georgia, Florida got penetration to disrupt the run game before it got started, but the LBs are very good at getting off blocks and forcing plays East and West.

— Hjalte Froholdt and Brian Wallace look good for 90-95 percent of the time.The plays they don't are usually great plays by the defense or a busted assignment or call. They don't have a lot of options.

— Put in a little extra work in the offseason on teams they don't see every year so that this week wouldn't be the first they got into Florida film.

— Doesn't want to see the number of conference games increase. "I'm quite good where we're at."

— Doesn't understand why Arkansas doesn't just rotate with teams in the SEC East.

— Never beating Florida is something he will use to challenge the team to do something the program hasn't.

— In developmental work, Cheyenne O'Grady had a nice week. Deon Stewart, LaMichael Pettway came along. Cole Kelly continues to be impressive with the reps he gets. Briston Guidry and Jonathan Marshall look good. Alexy Jean Baptiste and Dee Walker at LB. DeDe Edwards and Micahh Smith at safety.

— Ragnow got to go see his little brother play last week.

— Florida's offense is like a little bit of the old Alabama before Jalen Hurts.

— Nickel has been the way they've gone against 11 and 12 personnel. They need to be more consistent with who they're repping at what spots.

—The 2:30 kickoff is weird for the team this year, but he'll try to do SEC Nation.

— Not a huge baseball guy, couldn't hit a ball, but liked the Cubs. His dad was a Cardinals' fan.

— Best non-football sport memory was singing the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field the year after Wisconsin beat Arkansas. Was scared to death of falling off the rail. They gave him cue cards, which he didn't need.

Dan Enos

— Austin Allen looks good.

— "Blocking them" on what the biggest key to moving the ball on Florida.

— Hogs need to try to stay two-dimensional. They need to try to establish the run and run the ball. Florida puts a lot of guys in the box to try to force offenses to take the ball outside, where the strength of their defense is. It's going to be a big challenge.

— Watched Florida-Georgia on TV and then twice on tape. "They played so hard that game."

— It's impossible to give offensive linemen every look they'll see in a game. They try to prepare them for looks, but at the end of the day they've got to go out and do it.

— In a lot of scenarios, Hjalte Froholdt would be a backup in his first year learning the trade. How he's done is admirable.

— Would like to see Colton Jackson's sense of urgency get better. Gets a little casual at times. Can't take a play off or be tentative or you'll get exposed.

— Florida is just as talented as every defense Arkansas has seen. There's no weakness to expose.

— Only way to erase Auburn is to play with great effort and toughness this week. Have to learn from Auburn. Have to continually remind yourself that can happen if you don't take care of your business.

— Dan Skipper, Frank Ragnow, Keon Hatcher, Drew Morgan and Austin Allen have been key leaders vocally.

— The ankle probably hampered Jeremy Sprinkle in the last few games, but he looked fresh Sunday.

— Austin Cantrell has been good. Has a way to go in some areas, but he's been physical. Has had some good moments. Last four games are big for his development and proving he can be an every down TE. They've asked him to do a lot for such a young player and he's done well.

— Jordan Jones looked really good in development work. Cole Kelly looks very, very good. Dylan Hays is going to be a very good player. Physical and explosive. T.J. Hammonds has been getting a lot of reps with older guys too and has had good practices.

— Florida mixes up coverage. They play quarters, they play cover 2, a lot of man. They challenge and are aggressive jumping routes and trying to make big plays. They're good cover guys, but impressive tacklers too. Not afraid to stick their nose in and be physical.

Robb Smith

— Florida uses a lot of 11 and 12 personnel on first and second down. It all starts with running the ball.

— No question Hogs will use some base personnel against two TE sets, but there'll still be nickel and cash.

— De'Andre Coley is getting back closer to getting healthy. Sure it's a big week for Florida guys.

— On whether he feels pressure after Auburn: "I'm worried about stopping Florida."

— On Randy Shannon having been on the staff: He's a good football coach and he's sure he has an idea of what they do, but it'll come down to executing.

— Briston Guidry and Jonathan Marshall did a good job on the DL. Alexy Jean-Baptiste and Dee Walker jumped out at LB. The young safeties did too.

— Luke Del Rio is a good QB, a smart guy who does what they ask him to.

— Taiwan Johnson has been more vocal. Played a lot of football and has the respect of his teammates. Brooks Ellis has always been a steady leader at LB. Jared Collins has become more vocal.

— Florida does a great job of creating gaps in the run game with formationing. The WRs like to crack block.

— McTelvin Agim and De'Jon Harris get better on a weekly basis. Agim flashes a lot of positives. Consistency is the key moving forward. Harris will keep getting better as he gets more reps and begins to recognize looks.


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