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Massive lineman has passion for football, plans visit to Arkansas

Offensive lineman Josh Semau.

During their conversations, Arkansas offensive line coach Kurt Anderson was quick to ask offensive lineman Josh Semau about his passion for the game.

“He asked if I loved football, and I proceeded to tell him that I love the game and that it has a huge meaning to me,” Semau said. “Also that I hope to further my education with the sport I love. He told me that they liked my film a lot and then proceeded to invite me to come down for a visit.”

Semau, 6-6, 350 pounds, of Camdenton, Mo., has accepted Anderson’s invite and plans to visit Fayetteville on April 1. He described why he loved football.

“I love that I can use my size and ability to excel in a sport that is fun and that I enjoy,” Semau said. “It keeps me in line to do good in school and be a role model to kids. I also love the spot it puts me in as a leader.”

While growing up, Semau said, he looked up to NFL players, but his father served as his main role model.

“He supported me in everything I do,” Semau said. “I want kids to look at me and see how I’m doing good in school and playing hard and hope that will help them stay in line. I also want to walk into my school 10 years from now and have people remember who I am.”

Semua is also drawing interest from Virginia, Missouri State, Montana and Hawaii. An offer from the Hogs would mean a lot to him.

“It would honestly be one of the proudest moments of my football career,” Semau said. “I love what they have going on there and could probably see myself playing there. Coach Anderson seems like a great coach that knows how to bring out the best in a player and coach them to their full potential, which I like a lot in a coach.”

He’s been working out and improving his conditioning.

“I'm a more lean 350, but I've started to lose a few pounds,” Semau said.

Semau has a 300-pound bench press, 405 dead lift and 1,190 leg press.

“I do more leg presses to keep my knees healthy, because with my size I need to keep those in the best shape possible,” Semau said.

He credits his family for helping and inspiring him.

“Family is one of the biggest reasons why I play,” he said. “I love making my family proud. My dad is Samoan, and my mom was born in Iowa. They were Christian missionaries and met in Tonga. As a family we have been all over the world, and they have supported me in everything I do. They work hard to give my little brother and I everything we need and have inspired me to be a hard worker. Without my family, I wouldn't be where I am now.”

He and his family have lived in Tonga, Samoa, Iowa, Hawaii, New Zealand, Utah and Missouri.

“I also lived in Brazil for three months,” Semau said.

Living in different countries and states has helped shaped him into the person he is today.

“It really did,” Semau said. “It was awesome to see all the cultures and to be thankful for what I have.”