Chad Morris end-of-season press conference notes

Arkansas coach Chad Morris watches during the first half of a game against Missouri on Friday, Nov. 23, 2018, in Columbia, Mo.

Chad Morris

– It's obviously a very disappointing season and not to our standard. It's not acceptable and we know that and our players know that. There is growth within this program. There's not one person here who thinks this season was acceptable.

– Growth happens in this program in two places: developing and recruiting. We have to develop the guys on the roster. They'll be back with Trumain Carroll on Monday. There is no learning curve and we're not starting over. We spent Year 1 getting their bodies like we wanted them, and now we have to get stronger and faster. They know what to expect in the weight room. ... We have to recruit players that will make a major impact as soon as they step on campus. Coaches are on high school campuses right now. I'm leaving immediately after this and will do eight home visits this week. We have to get this class to the finish line. We expect 12 mid-years to come in, and that will create good competition this spring.

– On John Chavis: We have to have more, but continuity is a big part of success. We didn't get to exactly everything we wanted to this year defensively. ... Our staff is focused on recruiting. We wouldn't stand in anybody's way who feels they are bettering themselves.

– We expect to get upwards of 29 new faces in here. There have been some players that have decided to move on, and we certainly wish them the best.

– Ryan Pulley and Kam Curl were back in the building and in team meetings Monday morning. Chevin Calloway's status with the team has not changed. He has stepped back from football.

– Our job is to find out where guys like Sosa and Scoota stand in terms of the NFL. I don't anticipate any other juniors potentially making the jump.

– We know we've got to have consistency at all positions, including quarterback. Every position is wide open, and when you go 2-10 there is no guaranteed role.

– We don't know if Billy Ferrell will be back this spring just yet.

– I have not talked to Cole Kelley yet. I've been out recruiting. I do anticipate some changes.

– We probably got in about 30-35 percent of the playbook offensively. When you get in a situation like this and our first year at SMU, you have to be good at something. What did we hang our hat on? We tried to adjust and adapt to some things we felt like our players could grasp. We're a power-counter and inside-zone team and we have to get good at it. We have to be able to grow our offense.

– We didn't finish. I think the loss against Ole Miss took the wind out of our sails as much as I don't want to admit that. Our guys fought. We have to be more consistent.

– Hayden Henry had shoulder surgery recently, Rakeem Boyd had an operation on his shoulder and Britto Tutt will have knee surgery. I saw Rakeem walk out of the football building this morning with his left arm in a sling.

– I've been here before. I've got the blueprint and I've got the vision. It's worked before.

– On offensive line play: We're targeting guys there and I'd like to get junior college guys in there. The guys that have played and have high-snap totals are going to have to come on. Noah Gatlin is a guy I'm excited about. He's got a chance to have a great career here, but he has to continue to develop.

– On Boyd: This is an injury that he's played with all year. On his lower-body injury, if we had a game this week he could have played through it.

– "Brandon Martin is not a part of our program."

– To get this from 30-35 percent of the offense being in, you have to have depth at receiver. Overall, I did not think we were near fast enough. We've got to become faster, separate ourselves coming in and out of breaks. A bigger-body style of receiver is something we're trying to address. When you create space, you've got to be able to win those 1-on-1s.

– Not sure on the timelines on Henry, Boyd and Tutt. Spring ball will begin Feb. 26 and we could see them back after spring break, possibly in some non-contact roles.