Wally Hall's weekend predictions

This football season will be remembered as one of the most bizarre in history.

Covid-19 has postponed and rescheduled games, especially the last five weeks, and is looking to remain a master of disaster for the basketball season.

The vaccination cannot get here soon enough. The majority of Americans want it, and it is still be determined who is favored for the first round of shots.

Haven’t heard anyone mention veterans, even those retired or disabled.

Anyway, this is an unforgettable season in which eight SEC teams having given up more points than they have scored.

One thing that has been a constant is Alabama is again the dominant program in the SEC and probably the country.

The Crimson Tide invade Fayetteville for the Hogs’ last regular-season game, Senior Day, and Bama’s final tune-up before the SEC Championship Game against Florida next week.

The Tide have the most prolific offense in the SEC, averaging almost 50 points a game, and it could have been many more if Nick Saban allowed it. He doesn’t generally run the score up, but he scores enough to get style points every time Bama plays.

All the Razorbacks have to do Saturday is stop Tide running back Najee Harris, who averages 115 yards per game, and slow down quarterback Mac Jones who is passing for an average of 345 yards per game.

The offense that played Missouri needs to make an encore, and if those things can be accomplished it might be close, at least closer than the 32 points Bama is favored by.

Went 6-1 with predictions last week. It would have been 7-0 if the Razorbacks could have held Missouri for 43 seconds, to bring the season total to 47-20.

Now this week’s picks:

Alabama at Arkansas

BNS (Before Nick Saban) this was a pretty good good series, but like everyone else in the SEC, Saban has the Hogs’ number. The Tide are the bell cow for the SEC. In fact, mention the SEC anywhere in this country and Alabama will come up first. Whether you like him or not, he deserves credit for building one of the greatest dynasties in college football, and he did it quickly.

Saban is in his 14th season at Bama, and his overall record is 161-23 and his SEC record is 94-15. He’s won five national championships (plus one at LSU in another life). Tomorrow, he will be appearing in Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Alabama 56-27

Georgia at Missouri

The Tigers’ season may have been made last week when they found a way to win against Arkansas instead of a way to lose. The Bulldogs have struggled on offense, but their defense has given up only 165 points all season (the same as Alabama), so the Tigers will have to be at their best. Georgia 27-24

Tennessee at Vanderbilt

The winless Commodores have promised to put up a good fight. The Volunteers have promised to be there. This is still an old rivalry, but the only thing on the line is a little bragging rights, and not much of that. Tennessee 24-13

LSU at Florida

The Gators have been steadily improving, and the Tigers have been consistently average. This week, LSU tight end Arik Gilbert, one of the few bright spots, opted out. Another way to look at that is he quit, but opts out sounds nicer, although it is the same. Florida 31-17

Auburn at Mississippi State

Gus Malzahn is unofficially on the hot seat. Maybe he didn’t use Yellow Pine, who’s owner is a powerful Auburn alum, to build his deck. As long as Nick Saban is at Alabama, Auburn coaches will be on the hot seat. Auburn 35-31