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Harrison Ingram breaks down Hogs making his top 10

Harrison Ingram (right) is shown with Arkansas coach Eric Musselman.

Arkansas made the cut for ESPN top-20 prospect and forward Harrison Ingram because of last August’s visit, relationships and the Razorbacks playing an NBA-style offense.

His relationships with assistant coach Corey Williams and Associated Press co-SEC player of the year Mason Jones helped Arkansas.

“Arkansas’ unofficial visit was a great visit,” Ingram said. “I’ve known Coach Corey Williams for a while, and Mason for a while also. I love the way the offense is based on NBA tactics.”

Ingram, 6-7, 210 pounds, of St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas, narrowed his list of more than 30 offers to Arkansas, Stanford, Purdue, Baylor, North Carolina, Michigan, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Memphis and Louisville.

ESPN rates Ingram a 4-star prospect, the No. 3 small forward and No. 18 overall prospect in the nation for the 2021 class. During Monday’s Instagram interview with ESPN national director of recruiting Paul Biancardi, Ingram explained why he narrowed his list.

“I didn’t want schools to keep recruiting me who I didn't think I would go to. I didn't want to waste their time,” Ingram said. “I’m cutting to 10 schools that I could really see myself going to.”

His hard work being recognized is the most enjoyable part of the recruiting process.

“Just seeing how my hard work is getting noticed by the coaches,” Ingram said. “When I was younger in the 8th grade, I was a solid player, but I was never really looked at as one of the best players.”

His least favorite part of the process is telling coaches no.

“This is the first time I’ve really had to say no to people,” Ingram said. “It’s kind of hard knowing that some coaches may have not done anything wrong, not even anything they did, the school just wasn’t for me.

"Or sometimes I’ll be with my friends and I’ll get a call from a coach and I’ll be like, ‘Do I really want to talk to him right now? I kind of want to enjoy time with my friends.' But other than that it’s been a blessing.”

Ingram said the August trip to Fayetteville was "amazing."

“Never had a coach break my game down to the small details and tell me what I need to work on,” Ingram noted in August. “Love this school.”