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Huge Bentonville West freshman lineman has chance to be special

By: Richard Davenport Richard Davenport's Twitter account
Published: Thursday, February 4, 2021
2024 Bentonville West offensive lineman Lane Jeffcoat. Photo courtesy of Lora Jeffcoat.
2024 Bentonville West offensive lineman Lane Jeffcoat. Photo courtesy of Lora Jeffcoat.

Bentonville West freshman offensive lineman Lane Jeffcoat has the size and talent to become special, according to Wolverines Coach Bryan Pratt.

“He has a long ways to go, but his frame is just phenomenal,” Pratt said.

Jeffcoat, 6-7, 300 pounds, already has the size major college coaches look for at the tackle position. Three more years of development along with the possibility of more physical growth, Pratt is optimistic about Jeffcoat’s future.

“He’s still growing,” Pratt said. “He doesn’t have any hair on his arms. Whenever his maturity level hits and he get a little bit meaner, I think he’s going to be really good. He’s working on his fundamentals now but when you’re 6-7 and 300 pound freshman, You can’t coach that.”

Pratt let Jeffcoat finish his season with the freshman team before moving him up to varsity.

“After the freshman season we moved him up and we had a kid out with Covid that got quarantined so he had to play some against Bentonville at 14 years old,” Pratt said. “He got little bit of a dose there but that’s good for him. Gives him a chance to improve and understand the speed of the game.

“We feel like he has a chance to be special because of his God given talent and size. It’s our jobs as coaches to get him there.”

Jeffcoat, who also plays baseball and pitches for the Wolverines, has improved his flexibility and hips.

“He definitely spent extra time with our strength guys on flexibility and change of direction type of stuff,” Pratt said. “He’s getting there but when you’re growing and you’re 6-7 at 14, sometimes your coordination isn’t quite where it needs to be yet. He has a lot of upside just because when he starts figuring it out, he’s going to be quite special.”


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