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Get to know Jacksonville RB Darien Bennett

By: Richard Davenport Richard Davenport's Twitter account
Published: Thursday, June 3, 2021
Jacksonville running back Darien Bennett carries the ball during a game against Sylvan Hills on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, in Jacksonville.
( Justin Cunningham)
Jacksonville running back Darien Bennett carries the ball during a game against Sylvan Hills on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville running back Darien Bennett received an offer from Arkansas in May 2020 as a freshman.

He rushed 168 times for 910 yards, 9 touchdowns and had 5 receptions for 74 yards as a sophomore.

Nickname: DB

School/City: Jacksonville High School

Height: 6-2

Weight: 210 pounds

Bench max: 275 pounds

Squat max: 415 pounds

Number of years playing football: 11

School or schools that intrigued me other than Arkansas: Oregon, Auburn, and Texas

I like Arkansas because: It’s home. Growing up an Arkansas fan beats (everything). The stadium environment is amazing and they treat you like family from Day 1.

I plan to major in: Law

If I couldn't play football, I would want to star in: Modeling

I'm happiest when I: Am around friends and playing music

My mom is always on me to do: Good in school and become successful

Favorite NFL player: Marshawn Lynch

Favorite music: Hip Hop/R&B

Must-watch TV show: Naruto

How would you spend $1 million: I would spend a quarter of a million on real estate, another quarter of a million on moving my family out of Arkansas, a quarter of a million on starting a business, and save the rest.

What superpower would you choose if given the option: The ability to read minds

My two pet peeves are: Clutter and foolishness

Favorite uniform color/combo: Any type of pink and army

Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island: Kevin Hart and Briana Harris

Favorite animal and why: My favorite animal is a tiger and that is because they are loners. They have to put thought into their every decision and make the best outcome out of what’s thrown at them. They solely depend on themselves to survive.

My hidden talent is: I’m an undercover photographer

Your favorite fast food chain and why: Chick-fil-A because they are very fast with their orders and the customer service is awesome.

I will never ever eat: Potato salad or coleslaw

Favorite junk food: Hot fries

My favorite sweet tooth craving is: A dozen donuts

Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten: Calamari

My dream date is: Skai Jackson

Hobbies: Band and pick-up basketball

The one thing I could not live without is: Air

Role model and why: My big brothers, DeShaun and DeUntay. They’re my role models because they turned nothing into something. They prevailed when the odds were clearly against them. They showed and continue to show me that there’s something more in life than not doing anything with it.

Three words to describe me: Sincere, confident, intelligent

People would be surprised that I: Have six brothers and six sisters


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