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Get to know: 2024 WR target Ryan Wingo

By: Richard Davenport Richard Davenport's Twitter account
Published: Thursday, January 20, 2022
2024 receiver Ryan Wingo (left) and former NFL receiver Chad Johnson (right) hang out at the Junior Olympics track meet.
2024 receiver Ryan Wingo (left) and former NFL receiver Chad Johnson (right) hang out at the Junior Olympics track meet.

Sophomore receiver Ryan Wingo was traveling to Fayetteville for last Saturday’s Prospect Day but had to turn back because of hazardous road conditions. He plans to reschedule. 

Wingo and his father visited Arkansas for the Razorbacks’ 40-21 victory over Texas in September.

Wingo, 6-2, 198 pounds, of St. Louis University High School, has scholarship offers from Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Florida, Missouri, Ole Miss, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa State and other programs.

He has personal bests 10.89 seconds in the 100 meters; 21.94 in the 200; and 50.81 in the 400. 

Wingo’s brother, Ronnie, played running back at Arkansas from 2009-12. 

Nickname: Wingo

City: St. Louis 

Number of years playing football: Since kindergarten 

Arkansas Receivers Coach Kenny Guiton is: A good coach and someone I can see coaching me.

Funniest football moment: Playing center, because we were winning by so much.

If I couldn’t star in football, I would want to star in: A movie or TV show.

I’m happiest when: I’m with friends, hanging out.

My mom is always on me to: Keep my grades up and clean up.

Favorite NFL player: Ja’Marr Chase 

Favorite music: Mostly rap. I don’t have a specific favorite.

Must-see TV: Martin

How would you spend $1 million: A car, clothes, on my family and invest half.

What super power would you choose if given the option: Super speed 

My two pet peeves: Smacking is my only pet peeve.

If I could meet a famous person, it would be: Kanye West.

My hidden talent is: I’m good at flips.

Favorite fast food chain and why: McDonald’s. It’s fast and easy.

I will never ever eat: Squid or Burger King 

My favorite junk food is: All junk food.

My favorite sweet tooth craving is: Skittles 

I'm terrified of: Nothing at all.

Hobbies: Playing video games.

One thing I could not live without is: My game 

Role model is: My dad and brothers, because they keep me on the right path.

Three words to describe me: Funny, tall, outgoing.

People would be surprised that: I like to collect shoes.


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