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Get to know: RB target Jordan Louie

Running back Jordan Louie.

Running back Jordan Louie has been adding to his offer list this spring, including one from Arkansas. 

Louie, 6-0, 215 pounds, played his junior season at Cottondale (Ala.) Bryant before transferring to Norcross (Ga.) Meadowcreek about a month ago.

Since arriving at his new school, Louie has received offers from the Razorbacks, Georgia Tech, Louisville, West Virginia, Memphis Central Florida, Arkansas State and others.

He rushed 76 times for 721 yards and 11 touchdowns, and had 54 receptions for 489 yards and 6 touchdowns as a junior. He also returned 18 kickoffs for 450 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Louie plans to visit Fayetteville in June. 

Nickname: Jgroovy/J-train

Favorite thing about playing running back: Getting to stiff arm, run people over and breaking tackles for long runs.

Coach Jimmy Smith is: An amazing coach, he’s real cool and he’s like being your brother or father as a coach. He’s a great guy.

Funniest football moment: Watching my QB get a pancake block.

If I couldn't play football, I would want to star in: A comedy TV show or movie.

I'm happiest when I: I’m on the field and with my family or giving back to the community.

My mom is always on me to do: My school work.

Favorite NFL player: Reggie Bush 

Must watch TV:  SpongeBob 

Love or hate rollercoasters: Love

How would you spend a million dollars: On a car and a house.

What super power would you choose if given the option: Super strength 

My two pet peeves are: Calling my name too much or asking dumb questions.

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be: Derrick Henry 

My hidden talent is: Don't have one 

Your favorite fast food chain and why: McDonald’s, I love their fries.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be: Crab legs with shrimp, potatoes, and sausage slices.

I will never ever eat:  Sushi 

Favorite junk food:  Chocolate chip cookies 

My favorite sweet tooth carving is: Peach cobbler 

Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten:  Octopus tentacles 

My dream date is: Mulatto

I’m terrified of: Heights 

Cat or dog person and why: Dogs. I’ve always wanted a protective dog.

Hobbies: Fishing 

The one thing I could not live without is: My family 

Best advice I’ve received: Keep God in my life

Role model and why: My brother. Teaches me to not follow the same path he did.

Three words to describe me: Athletic, competitive, funny 

People would be surprised: That I would move far away from home.