Stats, key plays from Arkansas' spring scrimmage

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Published: Saturday, April 15, 2023
Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson carries the ball during a scrimmage Saturday, April 15, 2023, in Fayetteville.
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Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson carries the ball during a scrimmage Saturday, April 15, 2023, in Fayetteville.

Offensive statistics


KJ Jefferson — 9/18, 131 yards, 2 TD

Cade Fortin — 5/7, 55 yards TD

Malachi Singleton — 4/4, 66 yards, TD

Jacolby Criswell — 8/12, 87 yards, TD


Raheim Sanders — 12 carries, 50 yards

AJ Green — 8 carries, 56 yards, TD

Rashod Dubinion — 14 carries, 47 yards

KJ Jefferson — 7 carries, 24 yards

Sam Mbake — 1 carry, 18 yards, TD


Isaiah Sategna — 3 catches, 95 yards, 2 TD

Sam Mbake — 3 catches, 25 yards

Kamron Bibby — 1 catch, 18 yards, TD

Landon Rogers — 2 catches, 31 yards

Andrew Armstrong — 2 catches, 25 yards

Ty Washington — 3 catches, 41 yards

AJ Green — 3 catches, 9 yards

Isaac TeSlaa — 1 catch, 11 yards

Chris Harris — 1 catch, 19 yards

Luke Hasz — 1 catch, 8 yards, TD

Kalil Girault — 1 catch, 11 yards, TD

Defensive statistics


Jordan Crook —10

Carson Dean — 8

Chris Paul — 7

Tauren Carter — 7

Nico Davillier — 6

Quincey McAdoo — 6

TJ Metcalf — 6

Antonio Greer — 5

Jayden Johnson — 3

Kyle Thompson — 3 

Jon Hill — 3


Taurean Carter – 2

Landon Jackson – 2

Jon Hill – 2

Mason Schueck – 1

Marcus Miller – 1

Nico Davillier – 1

Tackles for loss

Jon Hill – 1

Pooh Paul – 1

Quincey McAdoo – 1

Fumble recovery

Kyle Thompson – 1

Pass breakups

Dallas Young – 1

Antonio Grier – 1

Jaylen Lewis – 1


LaDarrius Bishop – 1


Malachi Singleton, after being dropped for a six-yard loss on the previous snap, threw an 11-yard score to Kalil Girault in the back of the end zone. Girault bobbled the pass, but secured it before taking a hit.


Jacolby Criswell, taking a shotgun snap from the 10, threw for a receiver in the end zone and was picked off by LaDarrius Bishop, who ran the ball back 50-plus yards.

Linebacker Antonio Grier tipped the ball inside the 5.


Jacolby Criswell just threw a touchdown pass to Kamron Bibby from 18 yards out. Bibby made a nice play on the ball in the end zone to beat defensive back Dallas Young.

KJ Jefferson then threw something of a tight end screen to Luke Hasz for an eight-yard score. It is the first catch of the day for Hasz.


Working on situations now in the red zone, Sam Mbake took a jet sweep 18 yards for a touchdown.

Rocket Sanders has 50 yards on 12 carries, AJ Green with 5 carries for 29 yards, and Rashod Dubinion 9 carries for 30 yards.


The Razorbacks are now working on situational football, starting series near midfield. Zach Williams picked up a sack moments ago, flying off the left end of the offensive line untouched.

Tight end Ty Washington made a nice grab along the right sideline and came up limping. Looked like a gain of around 16 yards, giving him 3 grabs for 41 yards today.


Isaiah Sategna had a pair of catches to cap the latest series, including a 17-yard touchdown from Cade Fortin. He reeled it in in the back-left corner of the end zone.

On the previous two plays, Rocket Sanders rushed for three yards and Sategna picked up 13 on a pass from Fortin. Sategna has 3 catches for 95 yards and 2 touchdowns today.


Offensive lineman E'Marion Harris went down favoring his left knee after a seven-yard carry by Rashod Dubinion. He typically moves between right guard and right tackle.


KJ Jefferson remained on the field after his touchdown pass and picked up 21 yards on an option play. He then found Andrew Armstrong for a 14-yard gain.

Armstrong bounced off of a would-be tackler and picked up good yardage after the catch. Cam Little then hit a couple of field goals of 47 and 58 yards. 


KJ Jefferson under-threw Sam Mbake on a deep ball moments ago, but he made up for it on the next snap. He hooked up with Isaiah Sategna for a 65-yard score.

With that touchdown, Jefferson is 4 of 8 passing for 97 yards today.


Landon Jackson, again, creating havoc in the backfield. His second sack of the day comes against KJ Jefferson and forces a punt.

He has been the standout of the scrimmage so far.

Rocket Sanders has seven carries for 25 yards to this point. 


Jacolby Criswell threw a deep ball to Sam Mbake for a touchdown of 60-plus yards, but officials ruled the quarterback was touched down prior to the throw.


Cam Little caps the third series with a 47-yard field goal. Cade Fortin was the quarterback for that drive.

Fortin had a completion to tight end Ty Washington, and Rocket Sanders had a couple of impressive runs. On one carry, defensive back Jaylen Lewis bounced off of him.


Quick series and a punt for the second-team offense. Jacolby Criswell got rid of the ball on third down with Landon Jackson bearing down on him.

Jackson flew off the right end of the offensive line essentially untouched.

Rashod Dubinion opened the set of plays with a four-yard run. Criswell was tagged down behind the line of scrimmage on second down.


AJ Green capped the first offensive series of the day with a six-yard touchdown run. He picked up 11 yards on the previous play.

KJ Jefferson completed a ball to Isaac TeSlaa on fourth down around the 40-yard line. It picked up 11 yards.

Jefferson also had a run for 8 yards, and Rocket Sanders ran 3 times for 9 yards.


Arkansas' football team is holding its spring showcase inside Reynolds Razorback Stadium today. It is scheduled to begin at noon.

The Razorbacks' work will be in a scrimmage format – not a game. Sam Pittman said the team will run 100-plus plays.

The scrimmage will not have live stats, so all numbers will be unofficial.

As of 10 minutes prior to the start of the scrimmage, a few hundred fans have set up on the east side of the stadium, and more are in the south end zone.

Some players who will not be in action today: Running back Dominique Johnson, wide receiver Jaedon Wilson, defensive back RJ Johnson, linebacker Mani Powell, defensive lineman Cam Ball, running back Preston Crawford, defensive back Al Walcott, and offensive linemen Luke Brown and Payton Simpson.


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