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‘Bugg’ gets to see Black, Hogs

By: Richard Davenport Richard Davenport's Twitter account
Published: Friday, January 27, 2023
Kayden “Bugg” Edwards (left) is shown with Anthony Black.
Kayden “Bugg” Edwards (left) is shown with Anthony Black.

Highly regarded sophomore shooting guard Kayden “Bugg” Edwards visited the University of Arkansas for his first college basketball game and was able to see his former high school teammate at the same time.

Edwards, 6-3, 155 pounds, of Duncanville, Texas, visited Fayetteville for the Hogs’ 67-57 victory over Ole Miss on Saturday. He was teammates with Arkansas freshman point guard Anthony Black last year.

“I was a really fun experience to see Anthony Black or AB since I played with him at Duncanville,” Edwards said. “I really loved the energy like all the chants and little stuff. I’ve never been to a college basketball game where the crowd was so loud and fun. You wouldn’t even have to hit a three or a big shot. Just one layup can turn the crowd up.”

He was in the locker room before and after the game and hear Coach Eric Musselman.

“I got to listen to one of Coach Muss’ pregame speeches and after game speech,” Edwards said. “He’s a cool dude. Real cool dude. I love how he has so much energy too.”

While some college coaches are low key after a made bucket or a big play, Edwards said he enjoys seeing Musselman’s energy level on display.

“Coach Muss is literally up jumping around urging the crowd on, screaming and yelling,” Edwards said.

Musselman and staff have a combined 52 years of NBA experience. That’s not lost on Edwards and how he thinks they can develop players in the program.

“I loved how they really don’t believe getting ready for the next level because the stuff they do there is already next level, so it’s like they’re putting you in a great position to be successful and get you to the NBA,” Edwards said, “The coaching staff either played or coached in the NBA.”

Edwards has scholarship offers from Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Kansas State, SMU, Mississippi State and Texas State while drawing strong interest from Arkansas.

He said Black spoke well about his time in Fayetteville.

“He’s probably going be in the [NBA] Draft, but he was telling me how it’s really fun,” Edwards said. “How Coach Muss is going to get me right and telling me how as soon as you step foot on campus, you’re family. Just like the special bond or culture like we have at Duncanville.

“For me to be with AB for only a year, I really like feel like that’s my brother.”

Edwards, who has visited SMU and Texas Tech, recently scored a career high 33 points in the Panthers’ win over Mansfield Legacy. He has 3.8 grade point average and considering studying culinary in college.

“If basketball doesn’t work out, I want to be a chef because I really like cooking,”said Edwards, who plans to play with 16-under Pro Skills this spring and summer on the Nike EYBL circuit. “I like mixing stuff together, but I can make a pretty mean fried rice.”

He said he got his nickname Bugg from his father because as a toddler he was always on the move. While his nickname was usually reserved for teammates and coaches, it’s spread to the hallways of the school.

“That was usually just my sports name but now it turned into teachers calling me that at school,” he said. “They don’t even say my name.”


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