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Get to know: '25 4-star receiver Koby Howard

By: Richard Davenport Richard Davenport's Twitter account
Published: Thursday, September 7, 2023
Four-star WR Koby Howard.
Four-star WR Koby Howard.

Receiver Koby Howard, a 4-star recruit in the class of 2025, is planning to visit Arkansas for a second time for a game this fall. 

Howard, 5-11 and 175 pounds, visited Fayetteville in April 2022 for a spring scrimmage after a standout season at Pensacola (Fla.) Catholic. He currently attends Western High School in Davie, Fla. 

He has scholarship offers from Arkansas, Florida State, Texas A&M, Auburn, Notre Dame, Georgia, Penn State, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Tennessee and others.’s industry ranking has Howard as a 4-star recruit and the No. 45 receiver in the nation for the 2025 class. 

Howard had 8 catches for 101 yards at his new school’s opener on Aug. 24. 

Nickname: 2K1

Favorite thing about playing receiver: Catching touchdowns and celebrating at a big play.

My most embarrassing football moment: This guy pulled my pants down to my knees trying to tackle me after I made a big catch on his head. The fans caught a glimpse of my goodies that night.

Your playlist before games: Anything Rod Wave.

My favorite TV show: I really don’t watch TV. I just like to watch highlights of J Jetta and Lamar, Chase.

Love or hate rollercoasters: I hate roller coasters. I’m a control freak and I’m not in control of a rollercoaster.

Where would you like to time travel: back to the past or to the future and why: The future because I want to know how my life turns out and if I become a NFL superstar that I’m always dreaming about.

Two things that really irate me: A QB that can’t get me the ball. People who never played football but claim they know more about the game than I do.

If I could meet one famous person, who would it be: Beyoncé.

My hidden talent: I’m a great dancer.

If you were a WWE wrestler, would you be a good or bad guy and why: Bad guy, because people will hate me from being so confident while talking so much trash and beating my opponents mercifully.

Your favorite fast food restaurant and why: Cane’s because their chicken fingers with that sauce is so delicious. Can’t forget the fries.

I will never eat: Beets, oysters.

My absolute favorite thing to eat: Chicken fingers with fries.

My favorite sweet tooth craving: Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Greatest thing I’ve ever eaten: Liver 

Who is your all-time celebrity crush: Outer Banks star Madison Bailey.

My sports idol: NFL WR Justin Jefferson

Nothing makes me laugh more than: Jeffy’s short videos.

I miss my: Homeboys back home. I moved to South Florida this summer, my mom’s job relocated.

One foreign country I would like to visit: Brazil

I’m terrified of: Snakes, extreme heights

Love or hate horror movies: I really don’t watch movies but I hate horror movies because of the nightmares I have after watching one.

Cat or dog person and why: Dog, because they are so loyal and protective.

Do you think aliens exist: No 

Best advice I’ve received: Antonio Cromartie told me that I was a special talent and to just be myself and not try to overdo things because everything will work out the way it’s supposed to as long as I keep the faith and always keep God in my business. 

Role model and why: My dad, because of all the things he has instilled in me that allows me to pursue my dreams and be the best player I can be on and off the field. His love is unconditional. He’s hard, but he is fair.

People would be surprised that I: That I don’t really like to watch college or professional football games. I have a hard time staying put for the entire game. Just give me the highlights and final score and I’m good. I just love playing the sport.


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