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Know the newcomers: OL Sebastian Tretola

By: Richard Davenport
Published: Monday, August 25, 2014
Offensive lineman Sebastian Tretola brings a mean streak to the Hogs.
Offensive lineman Sebastian Tretola brings a mean streak to the Hogs.

Offensive lineman: Sebastian Tretola

Hometown/school: San Bernardino, Calif.- Iowa Western C.C.

Height: 6-5

Weight: 370 (Media day Aug. 10) Now reportedly 350.

Welcome to the SEC moment: I have to say practice period. You know realizing there’s nobody not good. Everybody is fast and everybody is strong. From the ones all the way down to the threes. To the freshmen that we have, you know 18 year old kids that are freak athletes. I think that was the biggest point where I was like ok this is real.

Favorite Coach Pittman saying: Mad Mountain Dean. Let me see if I get the story right. He was a wrestler in the 1920’s I want to say. So anytime we get beat on a play or something like that, Coach Pittman goes who is that guy Mad Mountain Dean? It’s hilarious

Favorite meal: Oh yeah, some good delicious ribs, some fantastic mac macaroni and cheese and probably some mash potatoes or fries or…the third one can differ. It could be whatever on the third part of the meal

Funnest teammate: K.T.,(Ke'Tyrus Marks) defensive lineman number 90. He is hilarious. From day one he had me cracking up almost in tears. Hilarious.

Must watch TV show: This might be a curve ball, but the Big Bang Theory. Yeah, it might be the Big Bang Theory. I just so happened to start watching it one day and it’s hilarious.

Teammate that’s going to have a breakout season: B.A. Our quarterback Brandon Allen. I mean the balls he’s been throwing are unbelievable in practice. I mean he’s hitting everything on the dial. Every throw in pinpoint almost. He’s just been doing fantastic in camp.

Dream date: You’re going to get me in trouble here man. But dream date probably ……..who do I want to say on my dream date. I’ll probably have to…Lauren London. The actress Lauren London.

Thing you miss the most about being away from home: Definitely my family. They’re my biggest support system,they’re my rock and they're always there for me. But I’ve been doing it for four years now so I’m use to it and I know how to handle it, but it’s definitely my family

What do you bring to the offensive line: Size, obviously. I think I bring athleticism and I bring the mean streak. I bring that last inch of push to you know let the quarterback scramble or let the running back be able to redirect the ball and go and I’m still blocking my tail off. Just that keep on keeping on mentality of blocking.


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