What Chad Morris said after 2nd scrimmage of camp

By: Scottie Bordelon
Published: Saturday, August 17, 2019
Arkansas coach Chad Morris directs his players Friday, Aug. 2, 2019, during practice at the university practice field in Fayetteville.
Photo by Andy Shupe
Arkansas coach Chad Morris directs his players Friday, Aug. 2, 2019, during practice at the university practice field in Fayetteville.

Chad Morris

• Great to have former players back. Don't know how many are back, but it's special to have them here. Bringing them back and to have them around is a special day.

• Really big situational scrimmage today. A lot of first and second down work and third-and-long work. We had some red zone and short yardage situations today. Wednesday we will have another scrimmage.

• Sosa Agim and the defensive front was active and made plays. I like what Jonathan Marshall and Gabe Richardson did today. Scoota Harris played probably half the scrimmage.

• Freshmen receivers played exceptionally well. Treylon Burks had some great catches. Mike Woods did some good things. Devwah Whaley and Rakeem Boyd ran as well as they have all fall.

• Colton Jackson should be back in the next week.

• This team continues to get better and they're giving great energy. We're inconsistent in a lot of areas, but that's to be expected at this point.

• John Stephen Jones continues to impress. He had a situation with the 1s and led the team down and scored. Nick Starkel did some good things, as did Ben Hicks.

• Big plays today: Treylon Burks touchdown from Starkel. Buster Brown had an interception of Hicks. Chase Hayden touchdown run. De'Vion Warren touchdown pass from Starkel, Jordan Jones touchdown pass from Starkel. Joe Foucha had an interception of Starkel, too. On Hicks' pick, he just made a bad decision on third down and should have thrown it away. Starkel's interception was on a tipped ball.

• We were right at 100-110 plays today. It was by design. Two weeks closer to the season I just wanted to get good situational work in.

• Ricky Stromberg has had a good camp. He got beat a few times today, and that'll happen going against Sosa. But he did some really good things.

• I don't know the time we'll name a starter at quarterback. We've got some work next Friday we'll go through before we get there. We're evaluating.

• On Boyd and Whaley: They were patient and found the creases. We're after them being patient. Rakeem had a big run.

• The freshmen receivers looked good. Best day Burks has had. He's very explosive and powerful. He and Mike Woods aren't scared to catch balls across the middle. They were as consistent today as they've been all camp.

• Health standpoint: Everyone came out of it fine. We anticipate all of our injured guys to be back by the first game, including Cheyenne O'Grady, who is already off his crutches.

• Joe Foucha: He won the PAT award, which we give away each month. It stands for passion, attitude and trust. Voted on my people on campus but outside of our building. It's amazing. Joe has had a great camp. He's changed his body and his attitude. Great young man, and I'm proud of him.

• Broyles Razorback Award: We'll give that out tonight. We want to educate our guys on what Frank Broyles meant to this program and the state. It's important they know who he is and what he was about. It'll be very, very special.

• I thought there was a lot of progress from scrimmage 1 to scrimmage 2. There'll be a lot of things we'll have to correct, though.

• On Montaric Brown: He's had a great summer and now is having a great camp. He was uncomfortable being put in a leadership role initially, but the work we did with The Program really brought him out. He's on our leadership committee.

• Can't help but think special teams will be improved. Very limited in special teams today. Connor Limpert, who hit a PAT to end the day, is really doing well. There's a lot of competition with punters.


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