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Get to know offensive lineman Ty'Kieast Crawford

By: Richard Davenport
Published: Thursday, January 7, 2021
Offensive lineman Ty'Kieast Crawford.
Offensive lineman Ty'Kieast Crawford.

Former Charlotte offensive lineman Ty’Kieast Crawford will arrive in Fayetteville on Sunday after announcing plans to transfer to Arkansas on Tuesday.

Crawford, a native of Carthage, Texas, was committed to the Razorbacks in 2019 before eventually signing with and playing for the 49ers.

Nickname: Ty, TyBeast, Big Tex

School/City: Carthage, Texas

Height: 6-8

Weight: 345 pounds

Bench max: 475 pounds

Squat max: 450 pounds

Number of years playing football: 6 years

School or schools that intrigued me other than Arkansas: LSU, Kansas, Florida

I'm a Razorback because: It’s where I belong.

I plan to major in: Psychology

The recruiting process is: Finally over.

If I couldn't play football, I would want to star in: A movie.

I'm happiest when I: Sleep.

My mom is always on me to do: Right all the time.

Favorite video game: Jump Force

Favorite NFL player: Trent Williams

Favorite music: Country

Must-watch TV show: Riverdale

How would you spend $1 million? Half to my mom

What super power would you choose if given the option? Mind reading

My two pet peeves are: People who touch me with their feet, and dumb people.

Favorite uniform color/combo: All black

Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island with? Carrie Underwood

Your favorite fast food chain: Whataburger

I will never ever eat: Chicken.

Favorite junk food: Peanut M&Ms

Dream Date: Sitting at home cuddling, eating junk food and watching movies

Hobbies: Watching Hulu

The one thing I could not live without is: My phone.

Role model: Myself in 10 years

Three words to describe me: Funny, energetic, sarcastic

People would be surprised that I: Play guitar, hunt and go mudding.


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