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Get to know: Future Razorback DB Anton Pierce

By: Richard Davenport Richard Davenport's Twitter account
Published: Thursday, March 2, 2023
Anton Pierce makes a leaping catch for Mills during a home game against Joe T. Robinson on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022.
( Colin Murphey )
Anton Pierce makes a leaping catch for Mills during a home game against Joe T. Robinson on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022.

Mills’ Anton Pierce realized his dream to be an Arkansas Razorback when he pledged to the Hogs on Feb. 2.

Pierce, 6-2, 203 pounds, chose Arkansas over Army, Arkansas Tech, Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Central Arkansas. He was committed to the Black Knights. 

Recruited to play safety in Fayetteville, Pierce recorded 67 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, 6 interceptions and 10 pass breakups on defense as a senior. He had 50 catches for 1,007 yards and 13 touchdowns, and 1 rushing touchdown. 

Nickname: Ton/A1/AP

Favorite thing about playing DB: jamming receives and hitting people 

Coach Marcus Woodson is: a cool and funny coach 

Funniest football moment: fighting over an interception with my teammate

If I couldn't play football, I would want to star in: an action movie

My mom is always on me to do: my best on everything 

Must watch TV:  I don’t really watch TV but I like Family Guy

Love or hate rollercoasters: love 

What super power would you choose if given the option: teleportation 

My two pet peeves are: smacking and bullying 

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be: Patrick Mahomes 

My hidden talent is: beatboxing

Your favorite fast food chain and why: Raising Canes because of their sauce 

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be: a Caniac Combo from Raising Canes

I will never ever eat: Mayo

Favorite junk food: Reese’s 

My favorite sweet tooth carving is: Reese’s ice cream

Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten:  I use to eat fries with ketchup and ice cream 

Who is your all-time celebrity crush: Sommer Ray

If you could live anywhere, where would that be: Dubai 

I’m terrified of: Spiders

Most unusual place you’ve fallen asleep: birthday party 

Love or hate horror movies and why: love because they are funny

Cat or dog person and why: dog because I was raised around dogs 

Do you think aliens exist: I wouldn’t say aliens but I definitely believe there are other forms of live out there

I get emotional when: I think about my Paw Paw

Which do you prefer Twitter, snapchat, instagram or Tic Tok: Tic Tok 

Best advice I’ve received: people are gonna whisper your success but scream your failures 

Role model and why: My G-Daddy (grandfather) Because he has been a great leader and I’ve learn a lot of things about being a man from him . 

Three words to describe me: outgoing, funny and caring 

People would be surprised that I: Beatbox


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